Meet Buddy Meet Buddy
Buddy is a six year-old Lhasa Apso/Tibetan Terrier mix who was abandoned. A good samaritan picked him up and handed him over to The Town of Babylon shelter, a humane facility. Buddy was matted so badly that it was impossible to even determine Buddy Beforeif he was neutered. Buddy was housed and fed as he waited for a loving home, but his chances at adoption were low. His fur was unsightly and he suffered from cysts all over his skin from the effects of not being groomed. Buddy could not even lift his leg to relieve himself due to the extremely poor condition of his fur.

We found a groomer who provided us a good price to shave and groom buddy. For $47 we were able have all his matted fur removed, his ears cleaned, nails cut, and hair shampooed. The difference in this kind, gentle and loyal companion animal was incredible. Not only did he look better, his behavior and demeanor improved overnight. He is now in the care of a good home, and he has a happy life that was nearly out of his reach.

Buddy cares about the friends he left behind at the shelter, and he cares about other animals that are suffering from bad health and pain from complications of poor hygiene. Buddy cares about his feline friends, and the homeless long-haired cats who have similar problems when they go without grooming. As caring pet owners and people, it is our calling to make sure that dogs and cats like Buddy are given a second chance.

We work with the Town of Babylon Adoption Shelter to provide wellness and grooming services to abandoned animals in need. We leave the adoption process up to the Town of Babylon, and it is simple and explained well on their website. Without grooming services, the health of these animals is compromised and their chances at adoption are poor. At around $50 per dog, and $30 per cat, we can significantly improve their quality of life while making it easier for them to find a loving home.

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